Australians cash in with side hustle

Scott Sullivan, Bella Burgio and Zack McNab showing off their hustles /

Scott Sullivan, Bella Burgio and Zack McNab have all sparked lucrative stampedes. (Source: provided)

Whether you’re considering turning your passion into a side hustle or taking on a second job as the cost of living rises, these Aussies might offer some helpful ideas.

A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that a record 850,000 Australians were being forced into second or even third jobs.

According to a survey by independent website Fiverr, up to a third of Australians have considered a second job in response to the soaring cost of living.

A study by Simply Business found that 55% of side hustle was put in place during the pandemic, while 70% of small businesses said the cost of living was their biggest challenge this year.

To inspire you, here are five Aussies who started their own business.

Gina Lentinello – Jewelry Making

Gina Lentinello makes permanent jewelry.

(Source: provided)

Now the owner of a new home, Gina Lentinello has started a unique second business making permanent jewelry.

Necklaces, bracelets and anklets are welded together to be worn for life.

Having become a social media sensation, Lentinello’s page has racked up more than 95 million views on TikTok.

The money from her second job helped her buy her first house and she is now trying to have a baby.

Jessica Dennis – Boat Rental

Jessica Dennis rents her boat.

(Source: provided)

Mum Jessica Dennis started a side business by renting out her used Formosa Bowrider boat.

After his expenses started to skyrocket, Dennis started renting the boat out for the day — like an Airbnb for boats — rather than having to sell it.

She is now on track to earn around $60,000 a year.

Bella Burgio – Cabinet rental

Bella Burgio next to a clothes rack.

(Source: provided)

During the day, Bella Burgio is an accountant but at the same time she rents out her wardrobe to help her pay her bills.

The 32-year-old supplements her income by renting out her dresses, earning around $10,000 a year through a peer-to-peer dress rental platform.

Zack McNab – Garage Rental

Zack McNab rents out his garage.

(Source: provided)

Zack McNab is only 18 but makes around $300 a month renting out his garage on peer-to-peer storage apps and to help cover the rising cost of living.

The money he earns helps pay the rent for his house in Collaroy.

Scott Sullivan – Boat and RV Rentals

Scott Sullivan rents his boat and four trailers.

(Source: provided)

Scott Sullivan rents his boat on and four trailers (soon to be five) via .

It brings in around $6,000 per month.

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