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As vote nears, Inter Miami CF touts benefits of Miami Freedom Park project

As a vote nears to decide the fate of a new football stadium and park project, InterMiami CF seeks to highlight the potential benefits of the construction project.

Inter Miami CF is looking to lease municipal land, home to the Melreese Golf Course, and convert it into a sprawling stadium, park and retail facility. Inter Miami CF recently released a fact sheet defending the proposal, arguing that the deal will pay 57% of fair market value rent to the city, pay $2.6 billion in rent to the city on the 99-year lease and will contribute $6.3 billion in tax revenue over that term.

However, the Miami City Commission will need to sign the rental agreement. Four members on the five-person body must vote “yes” on the deal for it to pass. And curator Manolo Reyes has already said that he opposes this decision.

This means that the club must obtain the support of the four remaining members of the Commission. It’s a narrow window for the vote, now scheduled for April 28.

Greater Miami Francois Suarez supports the deal, but the arrangement ran into several hurdles. The municipal commission postponed the vote on the project four distinct moments in the last two months alone, most recently at the end of March.

Still, Inter Miami CF is confident in the terms of the deal, which the organization says will create 15,000 direct and indirect jobs and bring an additional $25 million to public parks.

The soccer club has been criticized by some in recent days, however, critics have said that proposed lease terms for Miami Freedom Park do not provide enough benefit to the City of Miami.

“This is a billion dollar heist that is happening in broad daylight,” former Marlins president Marlins says David Samson in a video pushed by the filmmaker Billy Corbena vocal opponent of the current agreement.

This video caused a rapid pushback from Inter Miami CF, as well as the owners David Beckham and Jorge and Jose Mas.

“The team is aware of a social media campaign intended to misinform and confuse the public about the impact Miami Freedom Park will have (on) the city and its residents,” read A declaration organisation.

“We believe that everyone has the undeniable right to expect timely, truthful and accurate information.”

According to the club, the project is privately funded and “would create the biggest park in the city”.

The lease would allow the team to build a $1 billion complex next to the 25,000 seat stadium for the football team. The land would also contain shops and a 58-acre public park, as well as other amenities.

“Miami Freedom Park went through the best kind of bidding process, the election process,” the statement continued. “The majority of the city’s voters have sent their commissioners a clear message to move this project forward: a 25,000-seat stadium, 750 hotel rooms, commercial and office space, community land, and the largest public park of the city, generator of jobs and taxes. revenue.”

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