You are currently viewing Airtasker’s calculator reveals how much your scramble is worth

Airtasker’s calculator reveals how much your scramble is worth

Australians are relying more on their secondary efforts to cope with rising costs. (Source: Getty)

With the rising cost of living putting a financial strain on households, new research has found that more and more Australians are monetizing their skills to make their team work.

Airtasker research found that on average Australians earn $250 per week on Airtasker, with some of the highest earning services being translation and transcription ($627), interior design consultancy ($550) and mentoring ($365).

And now Airtasker has launched one that provides estimated earnings across a myriad of different industries so you can figure out exactly what your skills are worth.

Successful scammers

Starting a secondary hustle can be difficult.

Life milestones are a key motivator for many Australians, with one in 10 (11%) starting secondary restlessness after a relationship breakup.

Increasing income (56%), pursuing a passion (32%) and seeking a career change (24%) are also all identified as catalysts for exploring new ways to earn money. money, according to Airtasker research.

“I know firsthand how daunting it can be to start a side hustle, and also to commit to it full time, which is why we are always looking for ways to help our ‘Taskers’ better understand the profit potential of their business,” said Airtasker CEO Tim Fung.

Nikki Facchin is an Australian who has decided to take the plunge.

Facchin lived on just $46 a week after her bills were paid, as she was the only one caring for her elderly father.

Facchin joined Airtasker and put his organizational skills to work decluttering homes. She now earns over $1,000 a week.

Another Aussie putting her skills to good use is Julie Guirgis, a caregiver by day and a professional make-up artist and balloon decorator by night.

Her side job painting children’s faces earns her anywhere from $200 a month to $200 a party.

She also makes balloon garlands for baby showers, weddings and parties.

“My love of art and children is the perfect combination,” Guirgis said.

“I am very creative and practical and I know what is aesthetic.

“I have a lot of experience doing makeup for children and adults at corporate events, birthday parties, religious celebrations, Christmas and Halloween parties, markets, parties schools and private reservations.”

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