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Adam Sandler’s Hustle Combines His Best Serious and Silly Films

The latest Netflix Hustle feature features a combination of Adam Sandler’s best movies, ranging from serious to silly in the actor’s new sports flick.

Adam Sandler stars in his latest Netflix production Hustle, a combination of Sandler’s best serious and silly films. Striking a perfect balance between drama and comedy, Sandler combines the two tones in beautiful harmony. Known for success in both genres at the box office, Sandler will prove that Hustle can offer the best of both worlds.

Netflix is ​​bringing the basketball drama to select theaters, as well as premiering on the streaming service on June 8. Produced by Adam Sandler and superstar LeBron James, Hustle follows a legacy of sports-centric award winners like Rocky and Jerry Maguire. the Saturday Night Live veteran enjoyed extraordinary success with sports comedies in the 1990s. Fortunately, Hustle Director Jeremiah Zagar borrowed elements from Sandler’s serious films, as well as wacky storylines often associated with the comedic actor’s filmography.


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Taking command of another wisely chosen role, Netflix Hustle combines the best Adam Sandler films – both silly and serious. The Waterboy (1998) confirmed how fun Sandler could be in a sports role. The film fits very well into the peak era of Sandler’s comedic reign at the box office. Following the success of Happy Gilmore (1996), the actor evoked Sandler’s winning formula plus sport equals success. Hustle recalls Oscar-worthy performances like Sandler’s sports betting drama Uncut Gems (2019) by Safdie Bros. Hustle continues the serious comedian edge with the help of an all-star cast, putting Sandler ahead of his other films by combining their greatness into one satisfying package.

Ultimately, Hustle follows Adam Sandler as Stanley “Sugarman” Beren, finding himself caught up in the highs and lows of being a talent scout in Philadelphia. Reflecting many of Adam Sandler’s famous career roles, Hustle benefits from seeing his character down on his luck. This opportunity to play a complex character gives Sandler another chance to showcase his talent for drama. Luckily, Hustle sees Sandler working with fun talents like Queen Latifah to round out the comedy for wider appeal. While Happy Gilmore was the genesis of Sandler’s sports films, it was arguably Sandler’s best comedy to date. Later, Sandler learned to embrace his dramatic side in 2002 love stuffed with punch and 2006 Click onwhile keeping the stories in a whimsical space.

Hustle also sees former Oscar contenders who fit perfectly with Sandler’s serious side in film. For example, Ben Foster and Robert Duvall add necessary gravitas to the ensemble cast of Hustle as 76ers executives. On top of that, real-life NBA star Juancho Hernangómez helps amp up the film’s strength by delivering realistic and solid performances. Without a doubt, serious characters work exceptionally well in Sandler’s dramatic roles. Sandler hits the mark in the Netflix sports drama, as pictured in Hustle‘s trailer, bringing a familiar level of intensity to his Stanley character. Particularly like Howard Ratner in Uncut Gems, Sandler’s most intense roles have become some of his best work. by Netflix Hustle combined the best of Sandler’s serious and silly films as he commands the emotional role with professionalism. Adam Sandler’s Oscar success in his gender-jumping career proves how both sides are always welcome.

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