9 veteran CMOs share their insightful priorities for 2023

Annual planning offers the opportunity to refocus an organization on what matters most. The fifth principle of The CMO Manifesto puts it this way – “We can do anything but we can’t do everything, so we have to be focused and intentional if we want to be great.” Veteran CMOs have learned this lesson over time. So what are they focusing on for next year? Tony Rogers, star marketing director and new head of marketing at Signet Jewelers, says his top priority is “expanding our ability to personalize our marketing at scale.” Here are the top priorities for other top CMOs as they prepare for 2023.

Linda Lee, CMO, Campbell’s Soup Company – “Our focus in 2023 will be centered on building our ‘value’ for our consumers, particularly given the challenging economic environment. Our job is to support our consumers as they nurture and nurture their families by recognizing that they are strapped for money and time. An iconic brand like Campbell’s brings comfort and comfort with quality foods that fit into busy lives as well as the innovation that fuels discovery. We know our brands are trustworthy and resonate, and we are fortunate, through our activations and innovations, to be more engaging and relevant.

John Taylor, CMO, AMD – “Our top priority for 2023 is to continue to build the AMD brand reputation as a leader in high-performance, adaptive computing – in our now much broader market. As AMD expands its strength in high-performance computing performance for data centers, PCs and gaming to adaptive computing for automotive, industrial, healthcare, 5G communications, aerospace and more, we need to build brand awareness and trust with a broader set of customers and industries Our marketing organization will focus on three key unifying themes of technology leadership: first, sustainable and more energy-efficient computing, second, the significant benefits of AI, and third, our focus on more private and secure computing – these are the building blocks for how we will create solutions to some of the most challenging challenges. s important of the world.

Meredith Madden, Director of Marketing and Category, Chobani – “Chobani’s top marketing priorities for 2023 are to increase revenue and drive new consumers to the brand through audience-driven marketing, while improving ROI and spend efficiency. Our internal Consumer Insights team will be instrumental in determining where to find new audiences and how to reach them in the right way, whether through TikTok, YouTube, retailer media, etc. By being data-informed, we are able to Evaluate and strategically understand ROI by channel and by tactic, and course-correct if necessary, at a much faster pace.

Carl Loredo, Marketing Director, Wendy’s – “As we look to 2023, we understand that customers will be looking for more for every dollar – and that’s exactly what they’ll get at Wendy’s. From Made to Crave flavor and innovation to offerings of value and digital convenience, we strive to present ourselves to our customers every time, in every way.It’s no secret that QSR is a competitive category – and we plan to be worthy of every customer’s visit. delivering a quality experience with every bite, click and visit.”

Laura Heisman, Marketing Director, VMware – “At VMware, we innovate to help enterprises tame one of their biggest technology problems: the chaos of operating in multiple clouds. To support this industry evolution, the marketing team is prioritizing four things in 2023: updating our brand to help customers know who we are today; aligning our go-to-market approach to address customers’ biggest challenges: delivering premier global events and experiences that encompass our long-standing and newer customers; and continue to invest in growth opportunities for our employees. We put the customer at the center of everything we do, so we’re passionate about helping customers succeed wherever they are in their journey.

Martyn Etherington, CMO, BMC – “My priority number for 2023 is relevance – for our customers, our partners, our employees and, ultimately, for our business. BMC has a 42-year history of supporting customers in their technology evolution through automation, intelligent operations, and AI-powered service management. And our greatest opportunity today is to capitalize on the milestones of our past for even greater relevance in shaping their future. Unfortunately, our customers’ perception of BMC goes back 5, 10 or 15 years and therefore does not necessarily see us as we are today. BMC continues to be an innovation-driven company, but we haven’t done a great job of communicating our relevance to our customers; that will change.

Jessica Jensen, Marketing Director, Indeed – Given the current macroeconomic climate, all CMOs are looking at budgets, media mix, etc. Indeed is the world’s largest job site and our mission is to help people find jobs. So I focus on ensuring we have the right levels of investment by country and analyzing our brand against marketing performance levels. The workforce dynamics are very different in different parts of the world, whether it’s Germany, Japan, the UK, the US or Canada, and so we need to adjust our media and our posts accordingly to align with those audiences. Likewise, on the employer side, some markets are much more affected than others by inflation and uncertainty, so we need to scale up or scale down our marketing activities, depending on local nuances. We also embrace the rise of TikTok, Instagram Stories and other high-growth digital platforms that will ensure we capture young workers as they enter and progress in the workforce.

Aron North, CMO, Mint Mobile – Mint Mobile’s top priority is to continue to create distinction and disruption in the wireless category. Mint remains focused on achieving this goal by emphasizing value for money and ease of change. We see broad economic headwinds for the US consumer and believe these messages will resonate and continue to accelerate Mint Mobile’s growth.

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