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7 Unique Skills to Create Your Next Career Move in Florida

By Olivia Parkinson

Florida has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, 3.2% in April 2022, 0.4% lower than the national rate. However, a low unemployment rate does not mean that everyone can easily find their dream job. Many people struggle to advance their careers in Florida.

If you’ve been stuck in a work rut for a while, it’s essential to consider your options.

Indeed, there are many things that can be changed and improved to give you a better chance of advancing your career. Typically, applicants review their resumes and cover letters when they are not performing as expected. It might be a good idea to look for proofreading tools like Grammarly, which can help correct typos, grammar errors, and improve overall tone and voice.

Additionally, it can also be helpful to practice your interview skills. Nerves can affect your behavior and responses, costing you the chance to join your favorite company.

1. Develop effective job search techniques

How are you researching your next career move? Central Florida Goodwill Industry has identified major disparities in the evolution of the labor market. Indeed, it is important to create the right profile for the job you want to get.

Yet the first challenge begins with finding a new job. Buzz terms and keywords have changed drastically. So if you haven’t been in the job market for a long time, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the most relevant keywords to date. Indeed, while roles may still require the same skill sets, they may be labeled differently, making it difficult for some candidates to navigate job portals and write their CVs.

2. Strengthen your social media presence

Your social media presence plays a huge role in your professional reach. Social media has become a valuable job search tool for candidates and employers. According to a survey of recruiting and hiring managers, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are the 3 main social media platforms used to manage your professional social media presence.

It is therefore essential to build a reputable and self-promoting presence on social media platforms. Googling yourself will allow you to identify potentially dangerous or inappropriate content, which can be removed or made unavailable via privacy settings.

Experts recommend deleting dormant social media profiles, so recruiters don’t get any nasty surprises when they’re looking for you. Additionally, you can also use social media to monitor and approach relevant companies and recruiters.

3. Create a professional network

LinkedIn remains the number one professional networking platform used by recruiters, employers and industry experts. LinkedIn can help you establish your presence in the right market for potential candidates as long as you work on building a strong network.

Networking on LinkedIn can be crucial for making connections at the right companies. For example, you can use LinkedIn to contact former colleagues who have changed companies or approach a speaker at a conference.

Additionally, candidates can also let recruiters know that they are open to job offers. The information is only visible for recruiter profiles. Joining groups and commenting on articles and posts will help you make new contacts. You should also focus on building a personal relationship with your contacts, through congratulations, shares, or simply engaging with their posts. Indeed, the number of connections accumulated on LinkedIn is not as important as keeping the connection live and active.

4. Build an Independent Web Presence

You may know the name of Nina Mufleh, a young woman who hit the headlines in 2015 by creating a website to post her CV online and target Airbnb. Nina Mufleh’s online presence helped her impress a number of recruiters and she eventually found her dream job, but not at Airbnb. An independent web presence with a dedicated contact search engine optimization strategy can completely transform your experience as a job seeker. For job seekers, investing in an optimized website can be expensive. However, there are unique situations where it can be a game-changer.

Professionals trying to move into a consulting role often have to demonstrate a different level of expertise and personal brand reputation. Having your own website can open the door to many new business opportunities. As a consultant, it can help gain a follower base. But if you’re building a side hustle, your website can also be helpful in growing your solo business.

5. Video creation

Video channels are popular for creating engaging and digestible content, and audience groups tend to be more interested in videos than written articles. As a professional looking for an exciting next role, creating a vlogging platform on a site like YouTube can be a fantastic way to establish yourself as an expert.

Vlogging can serve different purposes for job seekers. It can be an amazing way to get noticed by employers and companies, whether you want to apply for a job or become an independent contractor.

But more and more vloggers are able to create a source of income through their video content, which could serve as a side hustle or even a complete income replacement.

6. Learn business planning

Not all job seekers would be happy in a salaried position. Sometimes your personality is more conducive to independence, so why not take the opportunity to grow your business. Many platforms offer free courses to help new entrepreneurs start their first business, from business plan courses to finding funding.

7. Update your skills

Many professional sectors have evolved over the years. If you haven’t been able to keep up to date with the latest trends in your niche, it can be helpful to take training courses. You will be able to discover how to make the most of new tools and techniques that would be relevant for today’s employers.

You can also create a unique portfolio of projects to showcase your skills. For example, a software engineer might create a simple program to perform an online task. You can make the program available on your website so that visitors can appreciate your skills. Alternatively, you can also develop your skills through charity and sponsorship, such as providing free services to businesses in need.

Developing your skills can significantly affect your career development. More often than not, working on the right skill set for your next professional move can bring positive results.

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