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7 Side Activities You Can Work From Home To Earn Extra Income

Despite further easing of COVID-19 measures, many of us can still choose to work from home on certain days of the week. With autonomy over our own time and place, we can unlock monetization opportunities for ourselves to create more revenue streams.

For those of us who would love to earn some extra cash, here are 5 side hustle we can pick up while working from home.

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#1 Sitting Dog

If you are an animal lover, this is the dream job for you. Launched in 2013, Pawshake has one of the largest dog sitting networks in Singapore. As a pet sitter, you will go through a rigorous application process before being approved. Once you are verified by the platform, you can prepare a profile and list the cost of the services. Schedules are flexible as you can block any unavailable schedules on your profile calendar. Interested pet owners would then directly schedule a time slot on your calendar for the specific services they need. You’ll get 24/7 support with technology, marketing to local pet owners, and online payment.

As a dog sitter, you can offer a range of services from dog walking, house sitting, to opening your home as a dog daycare. You can set the price for your own services, but there is a typical market range for each service. A half-hour dog walking service can cost around $10 and allowing a dog to spend the night in your home can cost $35 per night.

Getting paid while having fun sounds like the hustle and bustle of a dream.

#2 Use our bilingual skills to teach a language online while making international friends

For those of us who still retain our bilingual ability, using it can help us earn money. We can teach English to foreigners who speak in our native language. For example, we can pair up with a Taiwanese student to teach him English while being able to explain to him in Mandarin. It also allows us to have the opportunity to interact with foreigners and their culture, which many of us like to do while traveling before COVID-19. You can even develop international friendships.

Platforms such as italki or Verbling allow tutors to register and offer private lessons at an hourly rate. The hourly rate varies but you can expect to earn around $30 per hour.

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#3 Provide online translation service for business or web novels

Another way to leverage our bilingual skills is to provide online translation services. Platforms such as Gengo or Fiverr allow us to choose the translations we want to do.

For translation work, the prices would depend on the number of characters. A typical benchmark would be $0.06/word+ for more casual content such as social media and emails, and $0.12/word+ for more formal content such as presentations and reports. The price will also depend on the quality of the work and the qualifications of the translator.

If doing marketing translation is not interesting enough, we can opt for the translation of novels. One of the largest online novel platforms, WuxiaWorld, offers on-demand translations for $30-$40 for 3,000 characters.

#4 Monetize your music certificates with tuition fees

For music lovers, you can monetize your music skills by giving music lessons. Depending on our instrument and qualifications, the amount we can win varies. Assuming we are teaching a beginner, we can earn around $65-$75 for piano and violin lessons.

Although the rates are higher than many of the side activities mentioned, music lessons can be difficult to teach remotely. We may need to arrange to teach in person and it may be more convenient to select a student closer to home.

For those of us who are interested, we can sign up with ManyTutors or Apprentus to give individual music lessons.

#5 Sell photos from your iPhone

Finally, the era of phone cameras has brought out the inner photographer in us. Instead of shelling out another sum to buy a DSLR and fumbling around while shooting, we can use our iPhones or any cell phone with a good camera. With many flagship phones equipped with great cameras, we can produce image quality worthy of stock images.

Shutterstock is one of the biggest platforms for photographers to monetize their work. Shutterstock pays in tiers based on the number of images or videos uploaded. On average, we receive 15% of the amount paid for each image and video uploaded. Pixerf is another prominent, yet Asian-focused visual content platform that offers creators the opportunity to earn royalties on their photography. You can even participate in seasonal challenges to win cash prizes and secure collaboration with brands.

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#6 Get paid for your opinion

Do you remember being asked to answer random surveys while you were walking down the street? With an increase in online survey apps and platforms, these are a thing of the past. You can now choose to take online surveys based on your preferences and earn points to redeem for vouchers or withdraw via PayNow.

Milieu Insight is one of the top rated survey apps with over 100,000 active downloads in the region. Not only do you earn money by taking short surveys, but you also learn the views of other Singaporeans on hot topics. On average, it may take a month or two for you to collect $10-20 depending on how active you are in completing surveys.

#7 You can be an influencer too

It is no longer true that you need a massive social network to get paid for your content. With more emphasis on authentic user-generated content these days, anyone has a chance to become an “influencer,” especially if you have a clear niche (eg. fitness, parenting).

With Partipost, you can create an account and choose to participate in the campaigns you deem relevant to your interests through the app. You can take a photo/video according to the requirements and submit it for approval. Once your post is approved, you will earn the reward accordingly. The reward varies between $2 and $50 depending on the complexity of the campaign.

This article was originally published on August 13, 2021 and updated with new fuss. Additional reporting by Agnès Goh.

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