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7 Best Side Gigs to Earn an Extra $1,000 a Month

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Some side hustle can boost your income by a few hundred dollars each month, or you can work at a few lesser-known gigs that earn you up to $1,000 (or more) per month.

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If you’re looking for a side job that pays well and allows you to tap into your skills or learn new skills, explore these high-paying side job opportunities.

wedding celebrant

Will you say “yes” to this jostling side? Maria Romano, founder of True Love Knots, says performing weddings, baptisms, and a celebration of life ceremony can earn you between $400 and $5,000 a month.

Romano, who has officiated more than 4,000 ceremonies since his debut 12 years ago, said the side gig could be part-time with up to two hours each day dedicated to client communication and internal preparations. The time spent will depend on the number of clients you accept per month.

Those interested must be supervised and must have a car to attend ceremonies and meetings. Licensing is also a requirement, but Romano said it should only cost $30 to $100, depending on your location.

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To mow the lawn

This side hustle is more seasonal in nature, but Bryan Clayton, CEO of GreenPal, says it can be a perfect side job that earns you extra money each month.

“A lot of our lawn care providers are part-time,” Clayton said. “Our average supplier makes about $55 an hour mowing lawns on our system. They set their own schedules and choose the clients they want to work for.”

Anyone can mow lawns, from teachers who need extra summer income to students who work afternoons and weekends, and the schedule is flexible.

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When Luisa Zhou, founder of, launched her first online business, a digital ad agency, she did it on the side. In four months, the business grew to six figures. Since then, Zhou has helped thousands of people start their own stampede.

“The best business model for earning $1,000 a month is hands down a service-based business, such as a coaching, consulting, or freelancing business,” Zhou said. “You can start this type of business pretty much right away and because you’re selling your personal time and expertise, you can charge higher rates than if you were selling a product.”

Freelancing as a coach or consultant allows you to charge rates of $50 to $100 an hour and work 10 to 20 hours to earn $1,000 a month. Coaching and counseling, Zhou said, can take even less time. You could spend a few hours preparing monthly calls, taking calls, and supporting your customers between calls.

There are also few expenses associated with a service business. Coaches and consultants will need a laptop and a contract. Zhou said you can find good contract templates for under $500 online. If you don’t have a website, you can use your LinkedIn profile to build trust with potential clients.

What about experience? You need experience in anything you sell, but Zhou said the good news is that just about everyone has sellable skills. Zhou uses the example that people who love to write can become freelance writers while savvy Instagram users can help companies grow their social network.

If you decide to explore a service-based business, Zhou recommends setting up mandates. This makes it easier to estimate your earnings and reduces the time spent marketing and selling your services.

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Carpool driver

Driving for a rideshare app is a popular side hustle that earns you a few hundred dollars each month, and regular drivers can earn $1,000 or more.

Harry Campbell, CEO and founder of The Rideshare Guy, said many of his clients became part-time rideshare drivers to earn $1,000 to $5,000 a month. It is, of course, necessary for the driver to have a safe car and a driver’s license, but Campbell said the investment is worth it.

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Affiliate Marketing

Sal Farzin has 1.7 million followers on TikTok and recommends individuals, couples and families to generate additional income through affiliate marketing.

“There are many brands that offer affiliate programs that you can apply for and start earning percentage commissions and/or flat commissions based on new signups or leads generated for the brands,” Farzin said. .

Farzin got on TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic and built a massive following on social media, growing from 0 to 1.7 million followers in less than two years. Farzin’s channel focuses on reviewing cool and innovative products that solve common problems in the lifestyle, home, and tech categories and provides cleaning and DIY hacks and tips.

Affiliate marketing, Farzin said, lets you work from the comfort of your own home. You can set your own schedules to suit your schedule with a part-time or full-time schedule. Farzin recommends spending more time early in your affiliate marketing journey to lay out the strategy, basics, and potential revenue for your side business. This better increases your chances of success with affiliate marketing commissions.

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Kanawa_Studio/Getty Images

online english teacher

Becoming an online English teacher is an increasingly in-demand side hustle that also pays well. Those interested in becoming an online English teacher should have basic English proficiency and the necessary technical equipment, including a computer, tablet, and smartphone, to teach their students.

Teachers can set their own schedules and work with tutoring companies to find out more about schedules, lessons, and payments.

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Layla Bird/Getty Images

sleep coach

Many people have trouble falling asleep at night or getting the right amount of healthy sleep their body needs. Kaley Medina is a pediatric sleep coach and owner of Live Love Sleep, a sleep coaching agency with a team of over 10 sleep coaches across the United States.

“Sleep coaching is an easy and rewarding side hustle for people who want to help families get some rest and earn some extra money,” Medina said.

A sleep consultant offers one-on-one private support to families whose child is not sleeping well. They create a personalized sleep plan for this family to teach their child to fall asleep easily at bedtime, sleep through the night, and take long, restorative naps during the day. Over the next two to three weeks of working with a sleep coach, Medina said sleep coaches will typically offer follow-up support to their clients to help them answer any questions and update the sleep plan. sleep if necessary.

Do you need previous experience to be a sleep coach? Usually the answer is no. However, Medina said the start-up costs of becoming a sleep consultant involve a certification process. It can range in price from $500 to several thousand dollars. The certification process will teach an individual the skills and techniques they need to become a sleep expert.

Once you’re certified, Medina said the only ongoing overhead costs to anticipate include your smartphone bill, a laptop for writing sleep plans and communicating with clients, marketing materials like business cards and brochures and a car if you plan to do home consultations. Many consultants only offer virtual consultations, so a car is optional.

It’s even possible to turn sleep coaching into a full-time side hustle. This happened to Medina and half of his team who work full-time while the other half continue to use the consulting position as a side job.

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