6 Best Ways to Earn Extra Money in October

A man and a woman rake autumn leaves in a wheelbarrow.

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The leaves are orange, the crate is green…

Key points

  • Fall has a variety of seasonal jobs perfect for those looking for a short-term gig, including a few Halloween-related options.
  • Some secondary hustle and bustle throughout the year get very busy during the holidays.

There are countless reasons why you might be looking to boost your bank account this month. For one thing, it’s a good time to start saving some extra cash for the winter vacation. And, of course, there are the ever-increasing costs of just about everything.

Whatever the reason your personal finances need a little boost, now is a good time for it. The Golden Quarter is here, illuminating all things retail with its beautiful light, and seasonal worker season is in full swing.

Ready to start? Try these ideas for making extra money in October.

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1. Costume Shop Associate

As September rolls into October, we see all the harbingers of fall beginning to appear, from pumpkin spice, everything that hits the shelves to the Halloween pop-up stores that haunt the malls. These stores are here for a short time, but they often do enough Halloween business in those short weeks to come back year after year. If you want a short-term gig that promises to be an interesting experience, take a seasonal job at one of these stores.

School is in full swing, Halloween is right around the corner, and the rest of the holiday season will be here in a heartbeat. If you have time on your hands, consider getting a gig through in-app purchase and/or delivery to help busy families with everything from after-school drama club snacks to last-minute Halloween necessities. .

3. Tutoring

In October, the children had time to settle into their new school year and take their first tests. This is when it becomes clear who may have slacked off their studies a bit over the summer, or who may need a little help with the new material they faces in the new semester. Taking in a weekend tutoring gig — or three — can be a great way to earn some extra cash this month.

4. Seasonal help at a craft store

For talented creatives, October often kicks off crafting season. Between hand-sewn Halloween costumes and winter holiday gifts, any crafter worth their salt will be hitting the craft store this month – making it a great time to grab a seasonal gig. at your local craft store.

5. Yard Maintenance

Fall is known for its beautiful foliage, but the fabulous color-changing scenery is fleeting. Once the leaves have given their glory, they give the season their name as they float majestically over our lawns. If you’re good with a rake and a leaf blower and want to spend some time outdoors, you could earn some extra money by helping your neighbors clear the signs of the season.

6. Pumpkin Picker

One of October’s most iconic scenes is a bucolic pumpkin patch full of rows of bright orange gourds ready to become pumpkins and centerpieces. If the idea of ​​spending weekends in the crisp fall air helping people find their perfect pumpkin sounds appealing, this seasonal concert might be a perfect way to pick up some more greenery.

Find the bright side of the hustle and bustle for any time of year

We’ve given you some ideas for a profitable October hustle. But there are plenty of ways to earn extra money, regardless of the season. Do you want more ? Check out these resources for additional ideas:

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