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5 Surprising Hobbies That Could Make You Money

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Money has never been tighter and people are looking for ways to earn more outside of their usual job. Lucrative hobbies that can be started at home can improve your mental health, reduce stress, build valuable skills, and most importantly, pay you for something you already love.

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Whether your intention is to earn a little extra cash or start a new business, now is a great time to look at what interests you and turn your hobby into a profitable side hustle or a new career. So without getting into the weird hobbies turned careers like pet food tasters, professional mourners, paranormal guides, or snake venom milkers – here are five potentially lucrative hobbies you don’t have. maybe not considered.

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1. Flying drones

Unmanned aerial vehicle fans are the new remote control aircraft enthusiasts. The hobby is becoming more affordable but, more importantly, the number of industries using drones is growing rapidly.

Amazon saw the possibilities for fast package delivery early on and has been tweaking its Prime Air service to better serve its customers for years. Other companies have followed suit and drones are not only used for commercial delivery but are also applied in healthcare, food and postal delivery services.

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Real estate agencies, insurance companies, and construction and surveying companies need aerial imagery for their projects and are always hiring drone operators. Photography and film students are increasingly using drones for school and work. The New York City Drone Film Festival is currently offering awards and a $5,000 grant to a drone filmmaker each month to make a film.

For the more adventurous, drone racing is all the rage among speed enthusiasts and pilots are now being sponsored by companies for racing events. Drones can be expensive and certifications may be required depending on the intended use of your drone, but it’s a hobby that has quickly infiltrated a large number of industries in a short time.

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2. Watch TV

For the millions of Americans who consider television their favorite pastime, earning money while you sit on your couch watching the latest movies and series must sound like a dream job.

There are definitely professional viewers, but they are not lazy couch surfers. Entertainment blogs and industry-specific sites are incredibly popular, hiring TV fans to review and recap their favorite shows. If you can tell when they do, programs like “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Daily Show” periodically pay prospective viewers as clip finders. Netflix uses “juicers” and “taggers” to select images and video clips, label shows into genres, and populate categorization metadata. Loyalty program operator Swagbucks rewards viewers with points or gift cards.

Closed captioners have been used for decades and are still in high demand by media companies for their word-per-minute keyboarding skills. However, since it requires intense concentration, you may not be able to absorb what you are looking at.

3. Beekeeping

To convince you that people can turn these hobbies into money or successful side hustle, two of my former colleagues set up and maintained beehives in their backyards in their spare time. Both found it relaxing and lucrative. One makes honey for friends and local shops and the other has turned his hobby into a thriving business venture.

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Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby and one that can easily turn honey into money. Besides the sale of honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly are harvested from beehives and used as health supplements and for medicinal purposes. Beeswax can be made into candles and lip balm and even bee venom can be grown to treat arthritis and bee sting therapy.

Beekeepers can sometimes earn a full-time income by monitoring or hiring bees for pollination services.

4. Advertising on your car

Transportation and food delivery services like Uber/Uber Eats, Lyft, and DoorDash have sprouted like weeds during the pandemic, but there’s a more passive way to earn money by driving your car. There are a surprisingly large number of companies that will pay you to advertise local and national businesses while driving around your hometown.

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For some people, their car is their hobby and driving is their idea of ​​having fun. Three of these car advertising start-ups – Carvertise, Nickelytics and Wrapify – have good reputations and business prospects and pay up to a few hundred dollars per month or per campaign. There are downsides to working as a driver, like setting mileage requirements and having to wrap your car in garish advertisements, but if those are things you can live with and get paid for something you love to anyway, then it won’t feel like work at all.

5. Sell your plasma

Do not laugh ! Although not exactly a hobby or interest, donating plasma certainly falls into the category of “unplanned things that can make you money”.

Plasma is the clear liquid in which other blood components like platelets and red blood cells are suspended. Plasma donation is different from regular blood donation because doctors have to extract plasma from blood. Because it’s not just a simple blood draw, you can get paid to donate and contribute to therapies that treat rare and life-threatening diseases.

If you pass the scouting, you will be required to donate within a set time frame and may be able to donate twice a week at $20-$50 per shot. New donors can earn up to $900 or $1,000 for their first month from plasma collection companies like CSL Plasma or BioLife Plasma. Unlike viewers, you will need to leave your home to donate plasma.

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