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5 side hustle Abuja locals engage in to earn extra cash

Undoubtedly, Nigerians are very industrious people and do their best daily to make ends meet. Residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, are not left out.

Living in Abuja with just one source of income can be a nightmare, especially with the high cost of living in the city. Luckily, having side hustles is becoming a norm and helping people increase income from their daily work.

Here are some of the lucrative side businesses that people in Abuja do to earn extra money to afford reasonable living conditions.

Taxi service

Residents of Abuja are familiar with taxi companies such as Bolt and Uber. These are online taxi platforms that allow commuters to book taxi rides wherever they are. These taxi platforms have become a great source of income for many residents of Abuja.

Apart from those who offer these taxi services full time, there are plenty of people with white collar jobs, who engage in them every day as a side hustle when work is done and make good money out of it. revenue.

Also, many car owners in Abuja use their car to pick up passengers on their way to and from work. It’s a strategy that helps them recoup the money they spend on fuel every day and have a little extra for other minor expenses.

Buying and selling within offices

Many office workers sell various things in their different offices. This is a more common type of side hustle that residents of Abuja do.

In every office you go to, especially government offices, you will encounter a worker who is selling something. While some workers prepare snacks and bring them to sell at work, others sell various items, ranging from clothes, jewelry, shoes/bags, and even groceries. Most of the time, they sell these items on credit to be paid when the salary is received.

Grocery store

Abuja is a bustling city and boasts of some of the country’s workforce. It has many busy professionals and entrepreneurs who work long hours on weekdays and sometimes on weekends to earn a living. After working long hours every day, these residents still have to do their shopping.

Thus, grocery shopping is a side hustle that some Abuja residents have adopted to meet the needs of others who don’t have time to go shopping due to their busy schedules.

This side hustle is pretty straightforward. All you need is to get the customer’s order, go to the market or shops and shop for them. You get paid for purchases and some people are also able to do better business for themselves using their open market trading prowess. It’s a hustle and bustle that people do with their regular jobs.

Private lessons at home

Needless to say, home tutoring is a great source of income, especially for those whose daily job involves teaching. Most teachers in Abuja schools offer after-school tutoring at home as an additional source of income.

With just two gigs, many home tutors are earning far more than their usual salary from this side hustle. The important element that helps them in this endeavor is good time management and planning skills.

Real estate agent

Real estate is a lucrative industry in Abuja, especially with the exorbitant property prices in the capital. People who master marketing and sales become part-time real estate agents and use the commission from closing real estate deals to increase their income.

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