You are currently viewing 5 home nursing jobs you can do from anywhere

5 home nursing jobs you can do from anywhere

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Nurse recruiters

No one knows what makes a good nurse better than another nurse. Nurse recruiters help hospitals maintain adequate staffing levels.

Most nurse recruiters interview candidates and act as a liaison between the institution and the candidate during the hiring process. Normally, writes, you’d probably attend job fairs and visit nursing schools; however, most of these events have gone virtual since the pandemic.

Like nurse educators, healthcare recruiters can help shape the profession by finding qualified candidates for hospitals, doctors’ offices and home care providers.

legal nurse advisor

Legal nurse consultants are registered nurses who share their expertise with attorneys to assess relevant and complex information in legal cases. They bridge the gap between legal process, healthcare science and patient outcomes.

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants identifies the following areas of practice for legal nurse consultants:

  • medical error
  • personal injury
  • Long-Term Care/Elderly Law Litigation
  • Product liability
  • toxic crime
  • workers compensation
  • Risk management
  • Life care planning
  • Regulatory conformity
  • Forensic/Criminal
  • Civil rights
  • Employment discrimination
  • Health insurance reserves
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Freelance writer

Nurses who enjoy writing have found freelancing to be a good fit for them. The medical field relies on well-researched documents not only for medical professionals, but also for the general public.

Writers may collect promotional material, newspaper articles, press releases or other publications. An experienced medical writer can also be an essential part of a medical website, institution, or drug manufacturer.

Clinical research

Clinical research allows you to participate in the development of drugs, treatments and vaccines. Some of the research-related tasks performed by a remote clinical research nurse may include:

  • Supervision of clinical trials
  • Recruitment of trial participants
  • Train and train research staff
  • Administration of questionnaires to participants in clinical trials
  • Write grant applications
  • Speak with clinical trial participants to explain procedures and listen to concerns
  • Maintain detailed records with Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Writing articles and researching reports

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