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5 good reasons why work-life balance is more important than money | Jordan Mendiola

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Work-life balance is something potential employers are looking for more than ever when looking for a job.

You could say Covid has shown people that their happiness and sanity are more important to them than extra cash flow. Being cooped up inside without much money, but generally happier and in control of their lives was appealing.

Don’t get me wrong, money can get you some pretty awesome things in life. New cars, extra vacations, eating at better establishments, and feeling more stable.

But if your high-paying job is draining your energy to the point that you come home and don’t have the motivation to do anything, you might want to consider a pay cut.

There are plenty of jobs out there that don’t overwork their employees or require you to bend over backwards for them.

What do you get with more work-life balance, you might ask? Here are six life changes that start happening once you have it.

Want to learn to play the guitar after work? Great, you have the energy to do it without worrying about the next day at the office.

Want to play video games and have a bonfire with your best friends? Perfect, you can also insert it.

As a content creator myself, my best ideas usually shine when the work isn’t too over the top and I have a clear mind.

There were months when I felt overwhelmed, practically gave up writing and became a slave to the system. I knew I wasn’t happy, but I was making more money. The compromise led to less financial stress and less happiness.

An overwhelmed mindset can keep you sleeping all day once you’re done. Jobs that are flexible with you and have a generally happier team are where you can often find the happiest people.

For a very long time, I always thought of the Playstation 5 or the Tesla that I didn’t have. I was so caught up in the restlessness mentality that I was sinking into a dark depression.

Once I prioritized my work-life balance, I enjoyed nature more. My one bedroom apartment became my studio for creating content and art.

When you don’t have the “best” things on sale, you are forced to look beyond materialistic desires. It’s humbling to know that I don’t earn as much as some of my peers, but my life is not chaotic and I come home to my beloved girlfriend.

My audience can vouch for me when I say burnout is real. For a while I balanced three, four jobs at a time with jostling in between.

Spending your whole life working and never being available to relax once in a while is the fastest way to burn out. Goal pursuit is essential to your long-term growth, but if that’s all that matters, you’re going to crumble.

Various life experiences have shown me that my happiest times were when I dedicated time to my personal goals and my work. You can find a balance, but you have to keep experimenting.

Let’s say you take a pay cut, but you can still pay your bills. The money you would have had in the other job could have been wasted on spending sprees, but it’s important to look at the other side.

All the extra time you have on your side. They say the best things in life are free. It could be spending more time with your friends, family, loved one, and anyone you care about.

No one will look at you differently because you earn less than them. On the contrary, some of the top earners envy people who have mastered work-life balance and are actually enjoying their lives.

A big payday means you can afford more and upgrade to newer things, drive flashier cars, and be flexible. But does that really make you a happier human being?

Everyone is meant to serve a greater purpose than work. With work-life balance, you can explore every opportunity available to you to find the things that keep you going.

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