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5 career-boosting certifications veterans can get online

These days, employers aren’t always looking for someone with a four-year degree or a master’s-level education to fill critical positions. Often they are looking for a professional with work experience and the specific skills they need. Employers will do their best to fulfill this role, sometimes offering “upgrading” programs to train employees in these skills.

But veterans don’t have to look for an upgrade program or wait to take one just anywhere. There are career-friendly certification programs that will train them in the skills that will help them land one of the most in-demand jobs today. Most can be completed in a year at low cost and all can be completed entirely online.

1. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Companies these days are looking for data experts, analysts and scientists to harvest and manage data. IBM’s professional data science certification will not only train you to become a data scientist; it teaches related skills like SQL, Python, and building machine learning models for the Coursera subscription price of $39 per month.

According to parent company Monster, data analysts earn a median salary of around $77,000, while data scientists can earn around $108,000 a year. Continuous enrollment in this certification program runs throughout the year, lasts 10 courses and can be completed in 11 months. The first seven days of instruction are free, and you can transfer 12 credits into an applicable degree program.

2. HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Course

Even if you don’t yet know the difference between outbound and inbound marketing, industry leader HubSpot can teach you just how valuable inbound marketing can be. Inbound marketing is the strategic use of social media, digital content, and events that drive sales around a brand or product, and HubSpot Academy’s inbound marketing course teaches you how to become an expert.

This is a free certification program that teaches students how to create content and optimize marketing strategies using the latest marketing tools. In seven lessons and less than four hours in total, vets can be on their way to earning a median salary of $56,000 as a digital marketer.

3. Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

Professional project managers are in demand. There are currently 479,000 project manager jobs open in the United States, which pay between $54,000 and $106,000, but the best jobs require some sort of professional certification. For those without a degree, a project management certification from Google is gold, but Coursera offers the course for $39 per month.

The program has six courses, is over 140 hours long, and lasts about six months, but an entry-level position as a project manager can earn up to $73,000 a year. Students are tested through a practice-based assessment based on real projects in areas such as budgeting, risk management, team dynamics, and various related software applications.

4. Harvard University CS50 Introduction to Computing

Veterans who want to embark on a career as a computer scientist, web developer, or software engineer, but aren’t looking for the four-year commitment, can still get a full education at Harvard through its CS50 Introduction to Computer course. Science. The free course lasts 12 weeks, takes 6-18 hours per week and is self-paced.

With no prerequisites or prior instruction necessary, this certification trains users in web development, cybersecurity and IT structures while introducing them to the most commonly used computer languages ​​today: HTML, CSS, C, JavaScript, SQL and Python.

With Harvard as a foundation, web developers can earn over $118,000 per year. Continuing education as a software engineer can increase earning potential to $127,000.

5. Aquent Gymnasium User Experience Fundamentals

UX stands for user experience, and knowing the fundamentals of user experience is a must for anyone working in digital design, whether for mobile apps or the web. Aquent Gymnasium’s UX Fundamentals course is unique on this list because it requires candidates to be familiar with concept and design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, but they will be certified UX professionals by the end of the course. .

In approximately six lessons spread over six hours, designers can learn everything they need to know to sell their skills to the corporate world of end-user design. UX designers also earn a median annual salary of around $97,000. Not bad for a free course.

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