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4 ways to bring in extra cash since stimulus checks stopped

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You can’t rely on Washington lawmakers, but you still have options.

Key points

  • Stimulus checks are no longer provided by the federal government.
  • You can earn extra money by looking for a side business or exploring these other opportunities.

In 2021, the federal government provided stimulus checks, which were deposited into the bank accounts of most Americans. Millions of Americans have since requested additional payments, and more than 3 million people have signed a petition calling for continued stimulus funds to help deal with the pandemic.

But the stimulus money has stopped coming this year, and lawmakers are unlikely to act to provide more funds at the federal level. So while a limited number of states are providing stimulus to a small number of Americans, most people are out of luck.

The good news is that you may have other options available to bring extra money into your household, even without Uncle Sam’s help. Here are four possible paths to get there.

1. Consider secondary agitation

There are many types of side jobs you could do, from driving a rideshare service to offering online tutoring to freelance writing. Thanks to the internet and a host of gig-saving apps, you usually have the ability to work when you want and as often as you want to generate extra income.

Spending just a few hours a month on a side job could allow you to create your own year-round stimulus payment that you can use to meet financial goals or fill your savings account.

2. Negotiate your salary

The job market is pretty tight right now and chances are your employer doesn’t want to lose you. As a result, the company you work for may be more willing than ever to raise your salary.

If you’ve scheduled a performance review, you might want to come prepared to negotiate a raise and come up with a list of recent accomplishments to back up your position. Even if you’re not supposed to discuss your job status, you can request a meeting with your boss to see if there’s room for a raise. This is especially true if you compare your salary to others in your industry and find that your earnings don’t measure up.

If you can increase your salary, it will also mean that extra money will come in every month – in this case, without any extra work on your part.

3. Explore other job opportunities

The tight job market also presents opportunities to find a new job that may pay more than your current job. Consider looking at what’s available in your area to see if you could make a career change that would pay more money.

If you’re interviewing for a new job, be sure to negotiate your salary when you hire to get the highest salary possible.

4. Find out about other government benefits

Finally, if you’re really struggling, there might be other government benefits available to you even if the stimulus checks have run out. Some states are providing ongoing COVID-19 relief, and the federal government is also providing a variety of benefits, including food assistance and medical insurance, to those who qualify based on income.

By exploring each of these four options, we hope you can find a way to bring more cash into your home now that stimulus money is no longer provided to help you make ends meet.

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