You are currently viewing 4 part-time gigs that are perfect for moms

4 part-time gigs that are perfect for moms

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It is worth looking at all of these options.

Key points

  • Lots of moms could use some extra cash.
  • It is important to find a side concert that will work according to the schedule.
  • Substitute teaching and tutoring are just two options to consider.

As a full-time working mom, I’m lucky to have a job that allows me to set my own hours. To be clear, being independent has its challenges. My income can change from week to week, I don’t have paid holidays and I don’t have access to benefits, such as a pension plan that an employer contributes.

But getting to work while my kids are in school—and being able to stop working once they’ve left school—makes my schedule manageable. And it saves me a lot of money on childcare.

I happen to have a number of friends, who are mothers and want to go back to work now that their kids are of school age, but they can’t — partly because the cost of childcare before and after school would wipe out much of their income, making it not worth having a job in the first place. If you’re in the same boat but want to earn an income, you might want to consider these four part-time gigs that could fit into your schedule quite easily.

1. Substitute teacher

Teachers call out of school for various reasons. But many districts are in desperate need of replacements these days, so if you’re looking for a side hustle, it’s worth considering signing up as a replacement. Although it’s not a regular gig, it could end up being convenient, as your hours could eventually align with when your kids are in school, solving the childcare problem.

2. Tutor

As a mother, you may be gifted in the art of patience and therefore may be in a unique position to tutor children who need a helping hand academically. Certainly, you will have to do this tutoring outside of school hours. But if you do these tutoring sessions at home, you won’t have to worry about childcare.

3. Dog walker

Now that more and more people are returning to in-person work, there will likely be an increase in pet owners needing help with daytime care. If you are free during these hours, you can sign up to walk your neighborhood dogs while your kids are at school.

4. Content Writer or Editor

The advantage of writing and editing content is that you don’t have to do it from a specific location. All you really need is a laptop and internet access. If you sign up for a writing or editing gig, you might be able to do that job while your kids are at school or later in the evening while they sleep.

Being a parent means taking on a world of expenses. You may want to supplement your household income by working part-time. It’s worth seeing if any of these gigs are doable given your schedule. Not only could the extra money help you, but if you are able to minimize the gap on your CV, it could prove useful if you decide to make a full return to the job market in the future. .

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