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3 habits of people who are good at making big decisions

  • Susie Moore is a life coach and host of the “Let It Be Easy” self-improvement podcast.
  • She says people who are adept at making big decisions have three habits in common.
  • They have a clear vision, make a choice and stick to it, and align their daily habits with long-term goals.

As a life coach who has worked with high achievers for nearly a decade, I understand the magic of habit when it comes to making life-changing decisions and following them through.

Motivation can get you started, but habits keep you going. When you observe someone shifting gears and getting into great physical shape, changing industries and thriving in a new job, or starting to prioritize consistent time for self-care, their habits are at the basis of this success.

Here are three habits of successful people who tackle big change.

1. They form a clear vision of their future

I like to do a “future you” exercise with my clients where they visualize the future version of themselves at the end of the year.

In this exercise, I ask clients, “If you think back to a successful 2022, which you are really proud of, what will have happened this year?”


  • Who will you have met?
  • Who would you spend time with?
  • How much money will you have earned (and saved)?
  • What will have changed in your career?
  • Will you have travelled, and how far?
  • How is your overall health and well-being?

Then I encourage my clients to revisit that specific version of themselves for five minutes every morning to remind themselves of what they want to achieve. Connecting your daily actions to your larger vision will help you stay focused and prevent daily challenges from derailing your goals.

For example, if you set a goal to meet more successful people in your industry, revisiting that goal will encourage you to reach out and network more regularly or attend more industry conferences and events.

2. They stick to a decision and avoid backpedaling

There’s an old phrase, “The road is paved with flat squirrels that couldn’t make up their minds.” It teaches us that once you start making a decision, you have to fully commit to it – you can’t just cross the road halfway.

In most cases, our commitment to a decision is just as important, if not more important, than the decision itself.

When you make a life-changing decision, like starting a business, moving or changing industries, just decided is what counts. Constant hesitation will lead to decision fatigue – the deteriorated quality of decisions made after too much back and forth. Playing ping pong with different choices can make us feel tired, defeated, and sometimes even irrational.

True success is based on your commitment and follow through, rather than having a flawless idea or making a flawless move. If someone decides, for example, to go all-in and quit their job, being committed to their new business and having self-confidence matters more than having the perfect original business idea.

The all-inclusive energy is powerful. Once you have made up your mind and stop overthinking, your attention and focus are channeled in one direction.

3. They stick to a clean mental diet

It’s no coincidence that millionaires are militant about their time and the noise they allow versus what they deny. And they’re still learning — because education is a lifelong pursuit.

The average time people spend on social media each day is around 147 minutes, or nearly 2.5 hours. If you want to spend your time more wisely, see how you can reduce your time online or make it more productive.

Just like “you are what you eat”, you are also what your brain consumes. If you improve what you give your attention to, you will improve your life.

Try swapping a reality TV episode with an interesting podcast or TED Talk, give yourself a daily time limit on social media, or pick up a new book to inspire more reading.

Making life-changing decisions can always be difficult for some. If you want to be successful, know that you will have to go through with the decision, maintain a clear vision of what you want to see happen, and align your daily habits with that goal.

Susie Moore is a life coach, author, and host of the top-rated self-improvement podcast, “Let It Be Easy.”

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