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3 Etsy Sellers Who Earn Thousands A Month In Passive Income

As side hustles grow in popularity, those interested in getting started can sometimes run into difficulties. More than a quarter, 28%, of secondary scammers say they struggle to come up with the right idea, according to an October 2021 DollarSprout survey of 500 people with secondary scams. And 30% said their biggest challenge was finding time to work on their new project.

If you’re worried about the time commitment, keep in mind that some side gigs take less time than others. Those that offer a passive income stream, for example, require some upfront effort, but less time down the line.

Secondary activities related to passive income include writing e-books, renting out your space, and creating a YouTube channel. Another option for creating a passive income stream is to create an Etsy shop to sell printables, which are downloadable budgets, calendars, cards, and more. that customers buy and print themselves.

Here are three women who have built a passive income stream on Etsy.

Bachelorette party items make $1,000 a month

Julie Berninger had been into little hustles for a long time when she had the idea to start an Etsy shop in 2017. She decided to sell items for bachelor parties. “I was in my late twenties and went to tons of bachelorette parties,” she previously told Grow, “and I just knew there was a market there- low.”

Berninger, now 33, started her shop selling items like temporary tattoos. But people weren’t buying all the designs, leaving her with boxes of tattoos she didn’t need.

After discovering printables, she decided to move into selling printable items for bachelorette parties, like scavenger hunts. When the pandemic hit and many bachelorette parties were canceled, it spread to things like New Year’s planners and Airbnb host models.

These days, his store, The Swag Elephant, brings in $1,000 in passive income every month. Berninger eventually decided she wanted to share the lessons she learned on her Etsy journey and created an online course on selling printables on the site.

Wedding invitations and RSVPs bring in nearly $3,500 a month

In 2018, Jennifer Goncalves was thinking about what to do in life. She worked as an office specialist in Sacramento County for 5 years. She realized that “I don’t want to work for anybody,” she previously told Grow. “I think I want to work for me.”


Courtesy of Jen Gonçalves

In his search for the next professional adventure, Goncalves met and took Berninger’s course on starting a printables store on Etsy. Having recently married, she knew all too well the financial difficulties of planning a wedding and decided to offer printable wedding invitations to couples looking to save money. Its original packages cost around $24.

In March 2020, just before the pandemic, Goncalves quit his job to focus on the store full-time. Now 34, she’s expanded her range of wedding-specific prints to holiday items like Valentine’s Day coupons for breakfast in bed too. She is currently bringing in almost $3,500 per month in passive income from the site.

Vacation items and more earn $12,500 per month

Rachel Jones, who goes by a pen name for privacy, started looking for another way to make money in 2018. full time and working for myself,” she previously told Grow.

Like Gonçalves, she found and took Berninger’s course. She decided to start an Etsy shop and started selling budget planners and savings trackers for $2-10 each. The store took a while to get started, but Jones, 34, noticed that even without more effort, Etsy was “still making about $50 a month with just a handful of products.”

Jones and his daughter.

Photo by XOXO BrittMarie Photography

In 2020, she decided to focus on finding and creating niche products that could really attract a clientele. She now uses search engine optimization and tools like to see what kinds of products people are looking for, like “Elf on a Shelf” printables for Christmas. The technique brought him great success.

His store offers over 200 printables and brings in an average of $12,500 per month in passive income.

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