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2 Vikings replacements who can steal front-line jobs ahead of 2022 NFL season

The Minnesota Vikings are hoping the total regime overhaul they’ve undergone this offseason will help them re-emerge as a playoff team out of the NFC in 2022. They certainly have a deep roster full of talented players who will be looking to lead. the organization to the promised land after a few seasons of mediocrity.

The talent has been on the roster for a while now, but the results are still pretty poor. But things are looking up for the Vikings this season, and that should help them bounce back from a dwindling 2021 season.

Among the reasons for optimism is the competition that has taken place throughout training camp so far. There are a few replacements on the team’s roster who look set to make a run for starting jobs this season. Let’s take a look at two of those players and see who they could replace in Minnesota’s starting lineup.

2 Minnesota Vikings backups who can steal a front-string job in 2022

2. Ed Ingram

The Vikings are going to have some turnover at the good guard position of their offensive line one way or another. They signed Jesse Davis in free agency and drafted Ed Ingram in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The two battled for a starting spot throughout training camp, and it could be a positional battle. which boils down to thread.

Ingram is coming off a strong collegiate career at LSU and has been looking to work his way into the starting lineup throughout training camp. So far, however, he’s mostly sat behind Davis, who seems to be the favorite for a starting role right now.

That doesn’t mean Ingram can be ruled out, though. Ingram has a ton of potential, and he’s been solid early in training camp and preseason games. Both he and Davis have been good, with some saying Davis has been a bit more consistent. But things could change quickly, and that could see Ingram overtake Davis on the depth chart and earn a starting role for the Vikings.

Davis established himself as a starting-caliber lineman during his time with the Miami Dolphins, and his most recent two seasons have been his best seasons. But it’s clear that Ingram will start at some point in the future; it’s just a matter of time. And that moment could end up being Week 1 of the regular season if Ingram continues to play well or Davis starts to struggle.

1.Andrew Booth Jr.

Another second-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, Andrew Booth Jr. was drafted in hopes he could help a struggling Vikings secondary. Minnesota has rebuilt its cornerback room in 2021, and it still looks somewhat unattractive with the 2022 season on the horizon.

Right now, Patrick Peterson is really the only lock to start at cornerback in Week 1. Peterson had a good first season with the Vikings in 2021, but they don’t really have any other options to replace him. . He’s obviously not the player he used to be anymore, but he still has value thanks to his experience and IQ.

Aside from him, however, the cornerback’s room remains a mystery. Cameron Dantzler, a 2020 third-round pick, has been solid during his time in the field, but was never a Mike Zimmer favorite in his first two seasons, it seems. He could be given a start alongside Peterson if he impresses new Minnesota head coach Kevin O’Connell.

Or, they could leave things to the talented Booth. Booth was a locking corner for Clemson and has the potential to become a top corner in the NFL. He’s not as experienced as Peterson, or even Dantzler for that matter, but giving him a starting spot right off the bat might not be such a bad idea given the state of Minnesota’s defense.

Booth could find himself in the slot to start the season considering how Peterson’s spot is locked and how taller Dantzler is than Booth. If he manages to start the season there, it could result in Peterson, who is admittedly a bit of a wild card heading into the season, sliding to the lunge position and Booth exiting. But starting Booth outdoors can be a bit risky.

Either way, Booth looks like he could be lined up for a starting role in the Vikings secondary in Week 1. He could replace Dantzler, who hasn’t been able to find much consistency while in Minnesota, right off the bat, or take care of the slot role. Either way, Andrew Booth Jr. was branded a steal for the Vikings when he fell to them in the second round of the draft, and he could prove that label to be true if he can start Week 1. for Minnesota.

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