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10 side hustle to boost your net worth


There’s a saying that when you’re in a job you love doing, it doesn’t feel like work. Finding the hustle on the right side is the same way. If you can take what you’re already interested in or are good at and find a way to translate it into a legitimate side gig, you can feel like you’re increasing your net worth without even the slightest effort.

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While not everyone is cut out for driving an Uber in their spare time, there are plenty of side activities that may match your own particular skills and interests. Check out this list of 10 side gigs that can be easy ways to boost your net worth.

Specialized craftsman

Potential salary: Varies by sales and products

If you do arts and crafts in your spare time, you can easily turn that hobby into a lucrative side job. Online shopping sites like Etsy are popular and trusted marketplaces where consumers can purchase goods directly from third parties, like you. You can set your own prices and build a reputation as a maker of quality products, which could lead to additional sales. Since this “side gig” is already your hobby, it’s an easy way to scoop up some extra cash without doing any real extra work.

Email newsletter editor

Potential salary: $1-$10/month per subscriber, plus any ancillary/marketing revenue

If you know enough about certain topics to be an expert on them, you might find it easy to gain subscribers by writing an email newsletter or blog. Readers gain expert knowledge from expert authors; so if you have a lifetime of information to provide, put your fingers on the keyboard and start writing. Popular blog topics include everything from finance and crafts to cooking and travel. This kind of side hustle won’t make you a lot of money at first, but over time, if you can build a loyal following, you can start monetizing your knowledge.

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Virtual receptionist

Potential salary: $30,000/year

Not so long ago, a virtual receptionist was a niche occupation. But with businesses moving remotely and/or online during the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for these types of workers has never been higher. A virtual receptionist can take on any of a company’s many tasks, from directing calls to answering basic questions to taking orders. All you will need is a good internet connection and possibly some additional communication equipment and you will be good to go.

online language teacher

Potential salary: $25 to $100/hour

Despite the rise of computer-based and software-based language programs, many students prefer to learn a language with a live instructor. If you are fluent in a language and comfortable interacting with students on a computer screen, you can translate those skills into profitable side work. You can advertise your talents on various job sites or simply market yourself through a website or newsletter. The more popular the language you teach, the more students you can potentially attract. For example, Spanish and Chinese are two of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, but Latin is a so-called “dead language” that doesn’t appeal to as many students.

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ghost writer

Potential salary: $0.10 to $1/word

A ghost writer writes articles, stories, or even books for another individual without receiving any public credit for it. Rather, the resulting work passes under the signature of the person who hired the ghost writer. There are many reasons why someone might want a ghostwriter to produce work for them, ranging from lack of time to an inability to write at an expert level. If you have the skills to produce flawless work and meet precise deadlines, ghostwriting can be a lucrative career for you.

House or pet sitter

Potential salary: $10 to $25/hour

If you’re looking for an easily accessible side gig that doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part, consider becoming a house or pet sitter in your neighborhood. This is easier to do if you already have a good reputation in your neighborhood, but if you don’t have many connections yet, you can sign up with a trusted online service that reviews its service providers before to make them available to the general public. . If you enjoy being around pets and/or spending time at home, house or pet sitting might be right for you. Depending on the gig, you might be able to read, watch TV, do arts and crafts, or do whatever you would do in your day-to-day life while earning extra money watching animals. company and/or a house.

Airbnb host

Potential salary: $50 to $500 per night hosted

More and more Americans, and even travelers around the world, are looking for accommodations outside of traditional hotels, and Airbnb hosts are taking advantage of this. If you have the cash and are looking for an additional investment, you can buy a rental property and run it like a full-time Airbnb. If you’re a homeowner and looking for something a little less risky, you might be able to rent a room or two to earn a few extra bucks. Either way, this type of passive income can mean a monthly or even daily deposit into your checking account.


Potential salary: $45,000/year

Transcribing voice recordings into written documents is a tailor-made job for working from home. Transcriptionists are needed in a wide variety of fields, from education and law to medicine and finance. Typically, you will need to be hired by a company to work as a home transcriptionist, as you will often need special equipment to do the job. But working hours are often flexible, and as long as you’re an accurate proofreader, good listener, and fast typist, there’s likely to be plenty of work available for you.

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Potential salary: Varies depending on markup and products sold

Reselling is a bit more of an active gig than other hustles, but if you have a knack for it, it can prove quite lucrative too. Reselling is buying in-demand products at a good price and listing them for sale at a higher price. Reselling won’t work for common items that anyone can buy on Amazon, for example, but it can work very well for rare or hard-to-find products, like collectibles. For example, if a hot new shoe is launched and sells out immediately, a reseller who can get their hands on the item can mark it up 100%, 200%, or even more in the third-party marketplace. Being a successful marketer requires access to hot markets and an eye for products that will be in high demand.

survey taker

Potential salary: $1 to $20 per survey

It’s a running joke that you can “make thousands of people work from home” just by being a simple responder. While you can’t quite replace a full-time income by sitting on your couch watching TV and taking surveys, there is still money to be made. Reputable sites may pay a few dollars per survey you complete, so this can be a good way to earn a few extra dollars in your spare time. Answering surveys isn’t the most lucrative side hustle to increase your net worth, but there’s a low barrier to entry and you won’t need any special skills to qualify.

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