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10 Jobs You Didn’t Know The Avengers Had In The Comics

The Avengers of the Marvel Universe are iconic superheroes: selfless, resplendent and heroic. The life of an Avenger is charming, as the perks include crowds of fans, whimsical digs, and, of course, the sense of pride that comes with saving the world. However, just because a job is good doesn’t always mean it pays the bills.

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Although Avengers membership often includes a salary, many of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have taken on other jobs to supplement their income or cover their civilian identities. Whether exciting or mundane, Avengers day jobs certainly run the gamut.

ten Captain America drew his own comic

Steve Roger, aka Captain America, is the best of the best. A selfless man who volunteered to become an experimental super-soldier in the darkest days of World War II, Captain America became the former leader of the Avengers and indeed all of the superheroes in the universe. Marvel.

Despite this, Cap still sometimes needs to work to earn a living. Surprisingly, rather than using his military background, Steve Rogers found work as an illustrator. Steve is a talented artist, working freelance as well as for commercial agencies. However, he found the most success as an artist for Marvel comics, even drawing the company designs. Captain America comic books.

9 Thor swung his hammer as a construction worker

Thor, the prince of thunder, the mighty avenger, is a literal god among humans. As heir to Asgard, Thor wields massive wealth, the power to command armies, and diplomatic authority among the divine and the cosmic. His hammer, Mjolnir, is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

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However, superheroes aren’t the only job requiring a hammer, and Thor started working as a construction worker during Walt Simonson’s legendary run. Using the alias “Sigurd Jarlson”, Thor worked alongside ordinary humans in New York City, building skyscrapers and befriending his colleagues.

8 Black Panther spent his days teaching and his nights fighting crime

T’Challa is the proud leader of Wakanda, Marvel’s famous fictional African nation. As Black Panther, he is the symbol of his nation and possesses the powers of the heart-shaped grass. T’Challa’s history and abilities have made him one of the most renowned Avengers.

While the Panther used his power to fight the gods, he also used it to bring justice on a more mundane level, such as when he was a teacher in Harlem. During T’Challa’s first term with the Avengers, he adopted the alias “Luke Charles” and taught teenagers, often spending his nights teaming up with Daredevil.

7 Wonder Man does his own stunts

Originally a businessman, Simon Williams was transformed into an ion energy being by Baron Zemo in the classic Avengers #9, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby. After becoming a full-time member of the Avengers, Wonder Man used his immense strength and durability to help save the world.

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In his life as the Avenger, Williams found a new calling: performing. In the ’70s era of the team, Wonder Man found his calling on the stage, with his first big break as “Uncle Muscles” on fiction Uncle Elmer Show. After accidentally knocking off Elmer’s toupee, Williams continued to work in Hollywood, but this time as a stuntman.

6 Sam Wilson fought crime as a social worker

Sam Wilson is a featured member of the Avengers, first operating under the codename Falcon and more recently wielding the shield as Captain America. No matter the cowl or the costume, however, Sam’s flight technology and ability to talk to birds truly made him one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Before donning experimental wings or teaming up with Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson worked in Harlem as a social worker. Sam remained an advocate for the community even as a superhero, mentoring youngsters like Roscoe Simmons, battling private police, and helping fight fellow superhero Rage’s wrongful robbery conviction.

5 Hawkeye tried his luck as Carnie

Clint Barton is the Avenger Hawkeye, the best shooter on Earth. Through skill and willpower, Hawkeye has become one of the toughest characters in the Marvel Universe, using only his hands and archery gear to take on mutant Super Villains, towering monsters and cosmic elders.

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Before Hawkeye was a hero, however, he worked at a carnival with his older brother, Barney. After the two escaped the foster care system, young Clint was mentored by the archer Trickshot and the blade-wielding swordsman. There, Clint put on his first costume and began his journey to becoming a hero.

4 Spectrum patrolled the waters of his hometown

Monica Rambeau, AKA Spectrum, has the power to transform her body into any form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum, from photons to gamma rays. Using a variety of codenames (including Captain Marvel), Rambeau became one of the most powerful and trusted members of the team, serving as one of its top leaders under writer Roger Stern.

Prior to the accident that granted her powers, Monica Rambeau worked as a lieutenant for the New Orleans Harbor Patrol. An effective and capable leader, she nonetheless faced discrimination because of her position as a black woman. However, after becoming a superhero, Monica would go on to become one of the brightest lights in the hero community.

3 Black Knight has the power of science and magic

Heir to the Ebon Blade, Dane Whitman became the Dark Knight upon the death of his villainous uncle, Nathan Garrett. As the superhero said, Dane Whitman wields the sword of his ancestors as a member of the Avengers, Defenders, and even as a time-traveling member of King Arthur’s court.

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Before Dane was a superhero, however, he studied as a physicist. With this experience, Dane has worked alongside the aforementioned super teams to use his knowledge to solve problems. Although often more of a scrapper, Whitman’s expertise in these natural sciences especially helped the team when other heroes like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner weren’t around.

2 Moon Knight roams the city streets in a taxi

Marc Spector, Moon Knight, is one of the most eccentric members of the Avengers, working on sub-teams such as Secret and West Coast Avengers. Although he burned his membership card at one point, Moon Knight’s connection to the god Khonshu and his intense martial skills served the Avengers on many occasions.

Marc Spector is Moon Knight’s main secret identity, but another, Jake Lockley, has an interesting side: he drives a cab. Lockley’s job as a taxi driver allowed Moon Knight to keep an ear out for the underworld, helping to inform the vigilante of various criminal happenings.

1 Iron Man acted as his own bodyguard

Today, Iron Man is the flagship member of the Avengers. With his various powerful armors, Tony Stark has fought in intergalactic wars, battled mystical monsters, and served as Director of SHIELD.

Before the world knew Iron Man was Tony Stark’s alter ego, however, Tony Stark acted as his own bodyguard. Generally to explain why the Armored Avenger was always so close to the president of Stark Industries, Stark finally gave up on the ruse in the early 2000s.

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