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10 Incredibly Easy Side Businesses You Can Start Now For Extra Cash

Living paycheck to paycheck is a precarious way to live. You’re probably unprepared for unexpected emergencies and saving extra money can be difficult.

In addition to getting out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, you might want to take a scramble to diversify your income, pay off debt faster, hit certain financial milestones, or just try it out for fun.

Now the million dollar question if you want to join the league of secondary scammers: what should you do? Here’s how to make extra money with the following secondary scams.

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1. Home care

House sitting allows you to leave your familiar home and enjoy it for a while. Think of it like taking a vacation and being compensated for it. You take care of people’s homes when they are away for a long time. Many pet owners need a house sitter if they can’t take their pets on vacation, so they may need a house sitter.

On average, home viewing can earn you up to $1,349 per week at $33.73 per hour. That’s a potential income of over $5,000 per month. With an app like Trusted House Sitters, finding house sitting jobs is very easy.

2. Drive a wrapped car

If you own a car, you could make money by turning it into a mobile billboard. To be considered for this job, you must have a clean driving record, drive a specified number of miles and hours each day, and own a reliable vehicle.

You may be able to earn between $100 and $500 each month. Carvertise and Warpify are two well-known carpooling advertising agencies. You can find out how and when to apply by visiting their websites.

6 unusual ways for lazy people to increase their bank account

3. Be a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant (VA) jobs include a wide range of skills that you may already have. Typing, data entry, writing, proofreading, and project management are some of the many skills people look for in a VA. You could offer one or more of these services from the comfort of your own home. VAs who master a certain skill set can earn more.

The average hourly pay for a VA is $20. You could earn close to $1,000 a month if you work an average of 12 hours a week. Outsourcely and Freelancer are two websites where you can find VA jobs.

4. Create a course

Developing information products for e-learning can be a source of income. According to Udemy’s SEC filing, the average instructor income on the platform in 2020 was $2,950. Over 9,000 instructors earned over $1,000 per year. Extrapolating from this report, you could earn up to $250 per month.

This is where it gets interesting. Selling courses as a side business is not a one-time deal. A course can increase in value and price over time and can provide a steady source of passive income for many years. You can produce and sell your work on sites like, Coursera, and Udemy.

5. Carpooling

For a fee, pick up and drop off passengers in your private car. Uber and Lyft are the best-known apps that allow people to request ride-sharing service. Once you have a vehicle that meets company specifications, you can sign up to drive for Uber or Lyft.

Drivers can earn an average of $709 per week at $16 to $24 per hour. This can add up to over $2,500 per week in additional income.

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6. Peer-to-peer lending

Making money as a lender might not have crossed your mind. If you have cash in reserve, peer-to-peer lending is an investment option available through P2P lending sites. You can invest with as little as $25. Depending on the amount and duration of your investment, you can earn 2% to 6% on your loan. With a good portfolio, you can earn up to 10% per year.

Interest on the loans you invest in is credited to your escrow account each month. You can earn higher rates when you reinvest or invest for a longer period.

To reduce the risk of investing in unsecured loans, diversify your loan portfolio by investing small amounts in many loans. Study the historical data of potential borrowers before investing to make informed decisions. Joining a P2P marketplace like Prosper can also help you connect with borrowers.

7. Charge the scooters

If you live in a big city where scooters abound, charging electric scooters is a creative way to make some money. A scooter-sharing app called Bird helps you locate scooters that you charge up and then return to their owners.

You can earn between $3 and $20 per scooter, depending on how easy or hard to find them. Your monthly income depends on the number of scooters you can load in a month and the payment for each scooter you load.

8. Advice

If you have extensive knowledge of an industry or years of experience in a niche, you might already know how to make money on the side.

Through your network, you can help a company solve or prevent problems and improve its performance. As an expert, you provide advice, analysis and recommendations to individuals and organizations. It is also low risk with high returns.

Being a good networker is the key to finding clients. By using your social media pages, you can start positioning yourself as an expert in a niche. A freelance consultant can pay an average of $36 per hour. At $30 an hour for 12 hours, you could potentially make over $1,000 a month.

9. Telling Audiobooks

If you can soundproof a room in your home and invest in some good microphones, audiobook narration can be a lucrative side business. Simply speaking, you can earn between $50 and $350 per hour. ACX is a marketplace for potential storytellers. You will need to register and upload audition samples to connect with publishers to create audiobooks.

10. Evaluate search engine results

You can make money by evaluating search engine results to ensure they are accurate, relevant, and spam-free. Search engines do not hire search engine evaluators directly. Instead, they outsource the entire process to contractors, who hire and train you to do the job.

Appen is a good place to start. You can possibly earn around $5 to $17 per hour. At $17, your annual salary could be $35,471, which would give you around $3,000 per month. You might want to check out Google’s 200 Page Quality Guidelines to understand how to evaluate search engines.

At the end of the line

If you’re lucky or work really hard, your side hustle could snowball into a lucrative business you can run full time. When choosing a side hustle, consider how much time you can devote to a job. Evaluate how much money you could potentially make in a month and whether it matches your financial goals.

If you don’t already have the skills required for the job you’d like to pursue, you may need to learn a new skill. A website like Skillshare offers a number of training options for creative types. Codecademy offers free technology courses. Finally, remember that the best side activities are the ones you enjoy.

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